Kouji Tanbabashi
丹波橋 紅司 Tanbabashi Kōuji
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 14

Adult (Later)

Species Human
Eye color Grey
Hair color Dark Grey/Black
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Mother Shidzu Tanbabashi
Siblings Shiro Tanbabashi (Younger Brother)
Love interest Inari Fushimi (Girlfriend) - later (Wife)
Child(s) Akari (Daughter)
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiroshi Okamoto
Anime Episode 1
manga Chapter 001

A classmate of Inari's, whom she has a crush on. Prior to getting to know Inari, he appeared to have a crush on Sumizome, though this is soon revealed to be false. However, he soon develops feelings for Inari. He has since come to terms that he does like Inari, even going so far as to tell his closest male friends of his growing feelings. He eventually comes to learn about Inari's powers.


Kouji has black short hair and grey eyes.
  • Tanbabashi's appearance in anime.
  • Tanbabashi's appearance in manga.

He is mainly seen wearing his school uniform most of the time. 

Personality Edit

Kind-heart boy who loves Inari so much. In the anime he doesn't realize it at first but then he realize the feeling he has for her.