コン Kon
Personal Information
Species Familiar (Fox)
Hair color White
Owner Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami (former)

Inari Fushimi (current)

Voice Actor
Japanese Sayuri Hara
Anime Episode 1
manga Chapter 001
Kon is the fox spirit that Inari saved. Since then, Kon supports Inari. She is the smallest of the familiars, and was assigned to Inari according to her personality match. She has the power to transform as well, and does so when needed.  Kouji's younger brother, Shirō, appears to like her when she transformed.


Upon the first meeting with Inari, Kon looked like a normal dog with pale yellow fur. However, after becoming 

  • Kon's appearance when she first met Inari. (Anime)
  • Kon's appearance when she first met Inari. (Manga)
  • Kon's appearance in anime.
  • Kon's appearance in manga.
  • Kon's appearance as a human.
  • Kon's appearance as a human. (Manga)

Inari's familiar she transformed into a small fox of palm size with white fur and a green leaf at the end of her tail. Later on in the manga, it is revealed that she is able to transform into a human but with her fox tail and ears manifested as well due to inexperience. When she looks like human, her grey hair is secured with black and white ribbons and she wore a hooded fox robe. 

Personality Edit

Kon is shown to be very loyal. She ofter tries to be Inari's voice of reason, especially when it comes to use of divine power, even though Inari doesn't always listen. Her devotion was also shown when she sat under a waterfal to "train" herself to become a "fine familiar".


She is able to change shape but is still inexperience as she manifests her fox tail and ears not as per her will.