Akemi Sumizome
墨染 朱美 Sumizome Akemi
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Personal Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Eye color Bronze
Hair color Amber
Height 155cm
Weight 44kg
Birthday February 21
Horoscope Pisces
Bloodtype A
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Father Unnamed Sumizome's Father
Mother Unnamed Sumizome's Mother
Love interest Keiko Sanjo (Crush)
Voice Actor
Japanese Iori Nomizu
Anime Episode 1
manga Chapter 001
Inari's classmate, described as being extremely pretty. Originally outcast due to her looks, Akemi has developed a close friendly bond with Inari. She develops feelings for Keiko, but chooses to cover it since she thinks people will think she is weird, as love between two girls is strange. After some encouragement from her friends, she eventually decides to accept her own feelings.


Sumizone has amber hair colour and bronze coloured eyes. Her hair barely touches her waist and she usually
  • Sumizome's appearance in anime.
  • Sumizome's appearance in manga.
keep her hair down with two red ribbons at the side. She is usually seen as wearing her school uniform. 






  • Likes: Reading, making sweets.
  • Dream: To work in a nursery.
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Akemi's surname is a reference to Sumizome Station.



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